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The attorneys at TheLawFirm.com are pleased to see that the Third Circuit US Court of Appeals has ruled that federal preemption of state-law claims is a question of fact for a jury to decide, not a question of law for a judge. This ruling is a major setback for Big Pharma who often try to have claims denied by bringing summary judgment motions.

Preemption means that State law failure to warn lawsuits (such as talcum powder or Taxotere for example) are pre-empted by federal law. The defense also usually claims that there is “clear evidence” that the FDA would not have approved a warning label that the plaintiffs claim is necessary. The “clear evidence” language comes from a US Supreme Court case called Wyeth v. Levine. That case says that state law failure to warn claims are preempted by federal law when there is “clear evidence” that the FDA would not have approved a label change. As you can imagine, this language has caused a lot of confusion among the courts and with lawyers.

This ruling is important because the Court ruled that whether the FDA would have rejected a label change is a question of fact for the jury. At the summary judgment stage, the court cannot decide for itself whether the FDA would have rejected a change, but must instead ask whether a reasonable jury could find that the FDA would have approved the change.

It remains to be seen whether this case will be appealed to the United States Supreme Court. It also remains to be seen whether trial judges give the ruling teeth and actually allow these questions to go before a jury. How juries respond to the often technical evidence about the internal workings of the FDA is a big question mark for attorneys.

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Metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants were originally marketed as more durable and innovative than their older counterparts. Claims that they would extend the lifespan of artificial hip joints have proven false as MoM hip implants often fail prematurely and pose serious health problems. Metal-on-metal hips include models from DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, Stryker, Zimmer, Wright and others. More...

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